Genuine recovery from addiction and its consequences requires a
spiritual transformation that only God can accomplish.

We Believe is a Christ-centered ministry for individuals struggling with addiction or brokenness. We Believe is built upon the conviction that the gospel of Jesus Christ holds both the promise and the power for freedom and new life. We gather together to share from our own experiences and to apply God’s Word in our lives.
We Believe welcomes all those affected by addiction who seek help and healing through the power of God and the support of God’s people. We do not insist that you believe as we do. We only ask that those looking for support do so with an open mind. It is written “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” ~ Jeremiah 29:13

We Believe affirms:

- All people are made in God’s image and are precious to Him.

- The centrality of God’s Word.

- That Christ is our Higher Power and the One who sets us free.

- The indwelling of the Holy Spirit and His power for new life.

- The Christian faith as a fellowship of believers who gather and go.